Covid-19 Rapid Blood Kit B-nCoV


1 kit: 24,95€
5 kits: (24,95€ x5) 124,75€ • NOW: 99,99€ = 19,99€ /kit
10 kits: (24,95€ x10) 249,50€ • NOW: 149,99€ = 14,99€ /kit
25 kits: (24,95€ x25) 623,75€ • NOW: 299,95€ = 11,99€ /kit
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Gives a qualitative yes/no result within 10 minutes.

COVID-19 Antibody test can identify the presence of the Covid-19 virus itself. Antibody tests show if you are carrying the disease including those whose symptoms were minor or who were asymptomatic. The antibody test gives a qualitative yes/no result within 15 minutes. COVID-19 Antibody testing can save huge time and costs compared to laboratory screening The Test Cassette is easy to use, needing only a finger-prick sample to function, much like a home blood glucose test. All instructions are enclosed for home testing.

Blood Kit Includes: 
1 x Cassette Test Result
1 x Buffer , 1 x Dropper
1 x Needle

Shipping to Spain: 3 Days

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